Frequently Asked Questions

The Digital Marketing sector is full of frequently asked questions, many simply to ask 'how much does a website cost', or 'can I sell on my site'. Hopefully, we have answered some of the most frequently asked ones honestly and factually. We aren't trying to hide anything but some questions are difficult to answer without a full brief of what the client requires.

The Questions

Q. How much does a website cost?

Its difficult to say without knowing what type of website you need, whether you want to sell products, whether you want to manage the site after it is built or whether you actually need a suite of websites not just one. As a guide, a basic 10 page website with a contact form that is mobile and tablet responsive would range from approx £350-£700. An E-Commerce site for you to sell your products could range from £1200-£2500. A bespoke website is a bespoke price, it all depends on time, design, development and requirements. The best way to find out is call us on 0845 838 5155 or email Contact@Kadoosh. We don't bite and afterall its just a chat, it costs you nothing and it's a nice break from work too.

How long does it take to build a website?

Again, this is largely down to the size and scope of the project. We could build you a 5 page website in a day if its nice and simple and you don't want much involvement with the process or it could take us a few days or a week. For a larger project, e-commerce or a CRM system it may take a few weeks or a month. Or you may want an enormous website that could take a few months of work. Though not trying to repeat ourselves too much, guess what...the best way to find out is call us on 0845 838 5155 or email Contact@Kadoosh.

What platform do you build your websites on?

This all depends on the project. We like PHP, we like Wordpress, we like Magento, we like Joomla, we like Bootstrap, we like ASP, we like HTML5 and CSS3, we also like coffee and cake but its unlikely (unless it is cakePHP) that the last two mentioned will be used. Generally we build using PHP as it is a server scripting language, a powerful tool for making dynamic and interactive web pages, is widely-used and efficient.

Do you host the website?

Yes. We can host the website for you or we are happy to use a host that you specify and setup yourself. All we ask is that you consult us first before getting a host to ensure we use the right coding and framework to suit your needs and for efficiency.

How much does hosting cost?

Here we go again...this is as before an open question and all depends on the size and scale of the project. In some cases, we setup specific managed hosting for large projects or smaller hosting if the site is smaller. As a rule of thumb, we start at around £100 per year for our lowest tariff.

Do I own my website?

You sure do! Don't let anyone ever tell you any different. Us developers design and build websites for you, our customer. They are NOT ours, we don't own them and you have the right at any stage to take your site, pack it up and move house. Plus, Kadoosh will make that easy for you by not charging you a silly administration fee to do so like some companies. We believe though, that once you experience our service and attention to detail, you won't want to move anywhere.

Who are Kadoosh and why use you?

Kadoosh Creative has been setup by Mike Morris. He's a developer, programmer, designer and digital marketing specialist with over 18 years experience bringing websites to life and driving lead generation and sales to businesses through online marketing techniques. We feel that's what gives us the edge over our competitors as we can see the full life cycle of your project from start to finish and beyond. We can take your ideas, develop them, build them, deliver them and make them successful. There aren't many companies out there that can do that in one agency.

Can you help me with my current website and update that?

In short yes. We can help but, if we feel you would benefit from a new site or a re-structure of your site then thats what we will advise.

Do you write content?

Yes. We can provide content for your website if required. We can either do that as a basic in-house option, or depending on your budget, use one of our expert content writers to create this for you which also helps with website SEO.

What do you need from me?

We will discuss with you exactly what you are looking for. We will assess your current business and advise as best we can the best way forward. Together, we will then drive the project forward and deliver results. Call us on 0845 838 5155 or email Contact@Kadoosh