Email marketing is essential for most businesses to communicate with their customers. However, its surprising how many of those businesses simply send emails without any real thought on how they can improve. With a few simple changes, you can make your emails much more effective.

The Subject Line
Subject lines are the most important part of your email. If it isn't interesting and does not 'capture' your audience immediately, it's impact weakens. If your subject line has any words such as 'sale', 'buy now', 'discounted' etc this can increase your spam score and many won't even see or receive your emails. To make sure your email gets seen and is open, make your subject line have maximum impact. Make it simple and to the point and relevant to the product or information you are sharing. For example, you are selling a cheap holiday to Spain at 50% OFF.

Subject line 1: 50% OFF Spain Holiday
Subject Line 2: Discounted Spanish Holiday

Many people would either ignore it, not see it due to an increased spam score or they may not be thinking of a Spanish holiday and so 50% OFF or not will make no difference. Instead, make it informative, such as

Alternative Subject Line: Discover hidden Spain this summer for less

This type of subject line may cause interest from people as they think its' informative, it's not a typical sales email and they will be able to read about hidden Spain which may interest them and also it may cost them less than normal.

The Body
One big misconception with emails is that if you fill it with image sit will attract. Fact is, it won't. If anything it will distract and it will also massively increase your spam score if your imagery outweighs your copy. The ratio of text to imagery has to be much higher and make sure the images are separated where possible. If you have an area in an email with 6 images, add all the images individually not as one large image. In addition, try to add informative copy and images that relate to the copy so your email grabs the attention.

The Footer
There is one major thing to say about this area. Make sure you have an unsubscribe link or a way to unsubscribe as its a legal requirement. We find it amazing how many customers ask us to look at their emails to help increase CTR and open rates and how many do not have an unsubscribe link.


  • Don't send mass bulk emails en masse
  • Don't send emails with people's email addresses in a single list in the 'to' field
  • Use a certified email sender provider such as MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, Mailing Manager, Pure 360, Amazon AWS etc
  • Make sure you gather the statistics so you can improve and grow your marketing
  • Offer an online version of your email by providing a link at the top so those who cannot see the html can see it in a browser